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It is made of fiber glass alkaliless,spiless thick yarns through some weaving ways to make net structure materials.In order to protect the fiber glass and improve its performance,we use special coating procedure.
The main composition of the fiber glass is SiO-inorganic matrial.Its physical and chemical performance is stable.It is very strong.It has high mould quantity.It is wear proof,cold-resistant and it is very stable under heating situation.Net structure improves the capacity of load.The special improved bitumen surface coating improves wear proof and cutting performance of our products.Our products can be widely used in making the structure of the road stronger,preventing the crack and so on,help people so e the problem which we can not improve the strength of the bitumen roads.In soft foundation steel reinforcement,they so e the problem of the weak strength of other materials.
This type of product has good strength,low stretch,stable physical and chemical performance, hot-resistant, durable.Because of easily disso ed with bitumen,it can prevent reflection crack,last long time save the cost of project,be widely used in the project of the steel reinforcement foundations

Applied Area:

a.New roads and reforming,expanding the old roads projects.
b.handle the steel reinforcement of the soft foundation.
c.add the bitumen surface on the old concrete roads.
d.repair the old bitumen roads

EFGTEX Fiberglass needled felt is an advanced material for air cleaning and thermal insulation made by cutting continuous glass fibers into given length and then felting them through a process of filamentizing, napping and needling. Characterized by high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation, superior acoustic absorptivity and high efficiency of cleaning tail gas. It has found wide application in mechanical, electrical, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum, coal, building and traffic industries, suitable for the use as sandwiched heat and sound insulation system in automobile, ship, and train carriages. When treated with a ternary rare-earth cleaning catalyst, it is an ideal material for tail gas cleaning and sound deadening for cars and motorcycles.

EFGTEX AR Fiberglass products include AR Rovings,Chopped Strands and AR Meshes . They are multi-end products and use a special sizing;One yarn is composed of 24 strands, and one strand is made up of 200 filaments.Type:ER13 Roving(ZrO2≥14.5%)and EFG ARII Roving(ZrO2≥16.7%).


1>Alkaline resistance:Soaked in 100℃ saturated Ca(OH)2 solution for 4 hours,remained strenghth>90%.Diameter diminution<0.5%.Soaked in 100℃ 10% NaOH solution for 1 hour,weight loss <5%(without size)

2>Corrosion Resistance:Resist the corrosion of high-alkali substance,woven fabric coated with Alkali-resistant,waterproof high polymer material.

3>Durability:China Building Materials Academy research,durability of GRC products made from low alkali cement based on artificial aging experiment is 50-100 years long.

4>Softening temperature:860℃

5>Elastic modulus:70-80.4GPa

6>Specific gravity:2.7

7>Strain at breaking point:2.4%

8>Indust.Strand tensile strength:1800MPa,it is 2-3times of steel fibre

9>Security:Green Encironmental Protection

10>Incombustible&inorganic material.

They are used for spray-up or mechanical continuous formed GRC,used in division panel,flatboard,decorative panel,garden feature,it has widely used in tunnel,mine shaft,protect slop,spray-up roving for reinforcement surface.



EFGTEX Fiberglass Roofing Tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for waterproof roofing materials. It is characterized as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easy soakage by bitumen, and so on. The longitudinal strength and tear resistance can be improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the tissue across its whole width. The waterproof roofing tissue made of this substrates is not easy to crack, ageing and rot. Other advantages of waterproof roofing tissue are high strength, excellent uniformity, good weathering quality and leaking resistance.

EFGTEX Fiberglass Pipe Wrapping Tissue is used as basic materials for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines buried underground. It is characterized as high tensile strength, good flexibility, uniform thickness, so ent resistance, moisture resistance and flame  retardation. It is well compatible with impregnating bitumen and coal tar enamel. The pipelines wrapped by fiberglass pipe wrapping tissue can widely improve capabilities against leakage and aggressive media in the environment and the cost for maintenance can be minimized significantly, so it is the excellent base materials for oil or gas pipes.

EFGTEX Fiberglass Wallpaper is a new excellent basic material used in the ostentatious material of mineral wool, board and glass wall. The S-TM mat developed by this company is characterized as uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, well-distributed thickness, easy coated by various painting and good flame retardation. It can be widely used in public entertainment places, star-hotel, shopping center, conference hall, office building and resident house.

EFGTEX Fiberglass Surfacing Tissue is characterized as uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface and fast resin impregnation. It is mainly used in the surface layer of FRP products of which the capability is ameliorated. It is capable of significantly improving the strength of FRP surface layer, strong impaction resistance, excellent uniformity of surface, good covering up the texture of under layers and good corrosion resistance. According to different customers’ requirements, this company developed the S-BM mat. We also make classify control for the different specification according to the different forming process. These products can satisfy the different process requirements of hand lay-up, cement winding and pull trussing, serving for customers and guaranteeing good quality for the later products.


EFGTEX Series: Iron cast filter ,steel cast filter ,copper cast filter and aluminium cast filter

General size of mesh(mm):1.0x1.0, 1.5x1.5, 2.0x2.0, 2.5x2.5
Size of mesh slice(mm): 400x450, 300x450, 300x150

(Also can be made by custome's order)




Working temper-

Soft point

ous working time

Room temper-
ature Tensile strength

Gas evolution


Steel cast filter






Mid-small size steel casting filtering

 Iron cast filter






Grey cast iron, modular cast iron and small size cast steel filtering

 Copper cast  filter






Copper alloy casting filtering

 Aluminum cast filter






Aluminum alloy casting filtering


  The flexible and self-extinguishable silicone glassfiber sleeving FSG series made by our company is braided with nonalkali fiberglass, it is treated at a high temperature and coated with a special kind of silicone resin.
  This flexible and self-extinguishable silicone glassfiber sleeving possesses good qualities of dielectric, self-extinguishment, excellent softness. It is widely used as wiring insulator for H grade electrical mechinery, domestic electrical appliances, heating electric equipments and electronic apparatus, and also for the protection of collected strands of wire.
  Colour: Natural, we also make sleeves of different colours needed by the users. Sleeve FSG series possesses good flexibility and self-extinguishment.

Polyrethane fiberglass is made of E-fiberglass braided sleeves are baking coated with polyurethane resin. The coating has high adhesion to the glass braid, retention of dielectric strength is good after aging and physical abuse, dielectric under thermal and electric stress, excellent flexibility and push-back.

       It offers excellent resistance to oil, good resistance to acid, alkalies and organic so ents. These sleeves are suitable for class-F(155℃) electric motor, electrical apparatus and domestic electrical appliance as well as their protecting device or collected strands of wire.
  Appearance: These sleeves' surfaces are smooth, clear and neat, natural white colour.

Acrylic coated fiberglass sleeve is made of E-biberglass braided lseeve are baking coated with Acrylic-modified Resin. These sleeve offer reliable dielectric, heat resestance is good, and escellent compatibility with polyester,eposy.

      Bright- coloured dye ability on sleeving. This is rated for class-F(155℃). It can be used for motors, electrical appliances, electrcal instruments, wireless sets collected stands of wire as well as their protection.
      Appearance: These sleeves' surface is smooth, and bright multicolour.

The heat-treatment sleeving is a non-alkail fiberglass braided sleeving with waxrefined out and weaves set, and inpregnated with high-temperature resistance adhesive, it possesses the characteristic of tensile strength, it can be used as an excellent insulating material for the wiring of electrical machinery and applinances and domestic electrical appliances.
  Appearance: The sleeving is round and smooth with homogeneous colour of white, red, yellow, blue, black.
  Heat resistance: The sleeving will not harden and give off any smoke at the temperature of 500±10℃ in a stove.
  Cutting feature: When the sleeving is cut, the crosscut will not get loose, but remains smooth.


EFGTEX High Silica Fiber Poducts

With resistance to temperatures up to approximately 1000°C, this fabric is used for the production of fireproof protective mats, fireproof curtains and fire blankets. It is also used as protective material for welding, a filter for molten metal, for dust collection in high temperature gas media, and filtration in high temperature liquids etc.

High temperature properties:
1) Soft point: nearly 1700°C

2) Can work for 10 minutes at 1450°C
3) Stays stable at 1600°C for 15 seconds
4) Long service period service at 1000°C for working temperature
5) Low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, good electric insulation, low thermal shrinkage

Features and specifications:
1) SiO2 content: > 96%
2) Working temperature: 1,000°C
3) Standing instantaneous temperature: 1,400°C
4) Weight: 180~1,200g/sqm
5) Width: 0.5~1.2m
6) Superior flexibility at 1,000~1,260°C
7) Used for heat insulation and fire resistant products

High silica chopped strands

High silica chopped strands are used to make high silica fiberglass needled felts.other according to costomer's needs

1) SiO2 content: ≥96%   

2) Shrinking rate: ≤2% 

3) Length: 3, 6, 12, 24mm

High silica cloth

These products have more than 96% silica with excellent break strength and improved abrasion resistance. High silica cloth is used in applications where protection against extreme heat is required.

Typical Applications:
Welding Blankets, Curtains
Heat and Flange Shielding
Stress Relief
Gasket, Seal
Hose and Cable Protection




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